• Please ensure you are sharing your 2022 donation link if you are sending to potential donors.
  • AVS Mismatch. We have an enhanced fraud filter on credit card processing and the most common reason for a declined transaction is an AVS Mismatch. This means the address/postal code being entered with the donation information does not match the address/postal code linked to the card. Because of this mismatch, the transaction is automatically being declined by our system.
  • Some players are finding that they are not coming up in the search to donate to. When you registered, you had to give the system permission to allow you to be searchable. We can change this on the back end of the system for you. If your name isn’t showing up in the search, and you would like it to, please reach out to Tim ( to change it on the back end of the system for you.
  • Donors and registrants are also welcome to reach out to Sydney with our finance team at or direct at 587-635-0800 to process credit cards if there are any issues.